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We provide a forum for leaders and members of Muslim and Christian women’s faith organizations to come together in sincere and concrete dialogue

We enable Muslim and Christian women’s faith groups to work together in the peace-building process to address issues that are causing conflict.

We facilitate Muslim and Christian women’s faith organizations to work together to concretely address women’s common concerns..

We bring Muslim and Christian women, members of faith groups, together regularly to grow in understanding and friendship and to discuss diverse themes related to conflict, peace and women’s common concerns.

Welcome to Women Interfaith Council

Here in Northern Nigeria, Muslims and Christians often look on one another with distrust. The fact that violence and destruction are perpetuated here in the name of religion is too well known to us. As women of faith we must not allow this to continue.

Unless we face women’s concerns and confront the root cause of women’s poverty we will not effectively enable women to participate more fully in peace-building process; nor will we empower women, the members of our faith-groups, to better help build and shape democracy, justice and right in our country.

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What We Do

Provide Conflict Transformation training to the leaders of women’s faith groups through workshops and resource materials. The training includes guidelines on how to ‘step-down’ the training received to the members of their faith groups.

Provide training and experience of Interfaith Peace building and Spirituality to the leaders of women’s faith groups through workshops and resource materials so that they in turn can transmit this training to the members of their faith groups.

Sensitize key stakeholders of women’s faith groups, including male religious, traditional and political leaders, about the need for interreligious dialogue and for women’s participation in the same.

Reach out to market women, youth groups, farmers and other grassroots groups to sensitize them about the need for us to collaborate with one another as people of faith..

Use the media to transmit a message of peace and to urge people of faith to peaceful coexistence and to dialogue.

Interfaith Forum of Muslim and Christian Women’s Association (a.k.a Women’s Interfaith Council).

Women of faith working together as mothers of a culture of peace

As women of faith, Muslims and Christians, we have so much in common, that we value and share

Recent Activities

we face our concerns together, inspired by our respective religions and we share on all we have in common

Community Interfaith Dialogue Forum, Kajuru LGA

Women Interfaith Council (WIC) in her wisdom has organized a Community Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Muslims and Christians in Kajuru; aimed at promoting and enhancing peace processes, peaceful coexistence and religious understanding among members of the communities. The community Interfaith Dialogue Forum held at Adara Hall, Mararaban Kajuru, Kajuru Local Government Area, Kaduna State on the 20th of April, 2021.

Three Days Workshop On The Development Of A Conflict Prevention/Mitigation Document

Part of the mission project is for WIC to bring together youths and students of different faiths cum policy experts to brainstorm through a bespoke approach and come up with a workable policies that will support in the development of a Conflict prevention/Mitigation document for policy makers in Kaduna State, with the thrust of enhancing peace processes and social cohesion. 22 youths and students of different faiths were selected for this purpose.

Joint Initiative For Strategic Religious Action (Jisra) Intra-Religious Capacity Building Training For Christian Religious Actors And Traditional Leaders Agenda

The Intra Religious capacity building training was to strengthen and support religious actors in challenging harmful intra religious norms and practices, transforming radicalisation and extremism, addressing intra religious grievances and promoting intra religious interaction, while influencing FoRB policies at all level.

Trauma Healing And Psychosocial Support For Victims Of Violent Conflict In Kajuru LGA, Kaduna

The MISSIO Internationales intervention been implemented by Women Interfaith Council (WIC) afforded individuals who are beneficiaries to be provided with a trauma healing and psychosocial support for women and youths (Muslim & Christian) who are victims and members of families affected by past conflicts that occurred in the target LGAs in Kaduna state on the 27th March, 2021 at L.E.A primary school, Kajuru Kaduna State.

Our Events

Seminar , Events, Workshop and Meetings we held over the years

WIC Christmas Carol 2021

Date: Tuesday 16th December, 2021

The Women’s Interfaith Council (WIC) organized her annual Christmas Carol in celebration of the 2021 Christmas. The Carol which was organized under the leadership of the Christian Coordinator Mrs. Elizabeth M. Abuk, was attended by one hundred and thirty (130) participants

International Peace Day (IPD)

Date: Tuesday 21st September, 2021

The Interfaith Forum of Muslim and Christian Women’s Association A.K.A Women’s Interfaith Council, (WIC) embarked on peace walk through Kaduna metropolis to learn their voices to the incessant spate of insecurity and wanton killings of residents by bandits and kidnappers.

Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA):

Date: 6th September, 2021

The Country Coordinator for JISRA Nigeria, Mr. Istifanus Gimba accompanied by the Program Officer Mr. Jude Likita and the Advocacy Officer Mr. Reuben Emmanuel Esq led the JISRA local partners on a courtesy visit to the Kaduna State Peace Commission to introduce the JISRA project

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Village Square/Town Hall meeting

Date: 6th Noveber, 2021

To further strengthen WIC’s mission and to ensure communities continue to engage in the ideals of peacebuilding across the State; WIC thought is necessary through the mission intervention to organize a village square/town hall meeting with the theme: “Policing our Communities for Sustainable Peace The Role of Women and Youth”,

Over The Years Experience

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