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Our Responsibilities

We are the leaders and members of women’s faith groups in Nigeria:

1. To be recognized as a person who, inspired by your faith, is actively committed to promoting interfaith dialogue towards peaceful and harmonious co-existence; 2. To be recognized as a faith-inspired person who is committed to the promotion of women in our society; 3. To contribute in determining WIC process of governance and decision-making that is in accordance with the purpose, vision and mission of WIC; 4. To organize in any manner and around any issue or activity which is relevant to and consistent with the purpose, vision and mission of WIC;

5. To invite additional individuals and/or faith organizations to become members of WIC; 6. To participate in the bi-annual WIC seminars and in the annual WIC review meeting; 7. To receive and contribute to the WIC newsletter and other WIC publications; 8. To avail of all peacebuilding and other networks of which WIC is an affiliated member.