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What We Do

Bring Muslim and Christian women, members of faith groups, together regularly to grow in understanding and friendship and to discuss diverse themes related to conflict, peace and women’s common concerns. Provide Conflict Transformation training to the leaders of women’s faith groups through workshops and resource materials. The training includes guidelines on how to ‘step-down’ the training received to the members of their faith groups. Provide training and experience of Interfaith Peace building and Spirituality to the leaders of women’s faith groups through workshops and resource materials so that they in turn can transmit this training to the members of their faith groups. Sensitize key stakeholders of women’s faith groups, including male religious, traditional and political leaders, about the need for interreligious dialogue and for women’s participation in the same. Reach out to market women, youth groups, farmers and other grassroots groups to sensitize them about the need for us to collaborate with one another as people of faith. Use the media to transmit a message of peace and to urge people of faith to peaceful coexistence and to dialogue. Provide workshops for Imams and Pastors to raise their awareness of and to discuss women’s concerns, highlighting the relation of religion and religious leaders to these concerns. Visit local communities to sensitize women’s faith groups about dialogue, peace and religious coexistence. Raise awareness among Civil Society Organizations about women’s concerns in our contemporary society. Encourage the youth and other members of our faith communities to be ambassadors of faith and of dialogue particularly through our testimony and commitment to our own faith community and to the Interfaith Council. Mobilize and offer training to youth groups, particularly our children and the youth groups of our faith communities, for understanding and peaceful interreligious coexistence.